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Welcome to Cleveland's West Side Boxing Club and Kincaid-Godhard Boxing Promotions.

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Bouts for 1/31/15 “BATTLE IN THE BALLROOM XIV"

Note:  This is not the bout order.


Full fight card will be released on January 10th.


NOTE: This is not the bout order, that will be determined at the weigh-in.




 Cleveland, OH - March 5, 2011 - Kincaid-Godhard Boxing Promotions in association with the West Side Boxing Club has signed an exclusive deal to promote boxing shows at the "Hisotric" Slovenian Nat'l Ballroom in Cleveland. 


“The “Historic” Slovenian Nat’l Ballroom is a high-class atmosphere venue, with free parking and great food. We’re thrilled to reach an exclusive deal there. The crowd is electrifying, and the intimacy of the venue makes everyone feel a part of the show,” said Kincaid.


Boxing fans today want to see great, entertaining fights at a place where they know these shows will be held on a consistent basis. Shows will be held every January, May, and October. It’s convenient to get to and tickets are reasonably priced, too.


For years we’ve been trying to find a venue like this. The sports fans in Cleveland want a venue to watch boxing on a regular basis. Boxing needs a home in Cleveland and we have it in the Slovenian Nat'l Ballroom.


“BATTLE IN THE BALLROOM III” will be held Saturday, May 14, 2011. Tickets will go on sale April 2, 2011. For more info go to



West Side Boxing Club is a nonprofit 501C tax-exempt club that works with underprivileged teens and young adults to use boxing as a tool to build character, enrich social development, and gain athletic achievements.


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Customer testimonials:

Todd... Thank-You... for creating the show! I was more than happy to be a paying customer... and got more than my moneys worth of excitement! I really had fun that night... hope it was a plus for you and all affiliated. I look forward to your next one and hope our schedules permit it again.
Boxing fan from Pittsburgh
The night couldn't have went any better! Thanks for a great night of fights! Looking forward to the next one.
Boxing fan from Youngstown

Thanks for the recap, I enjoyed the show. Todd & Bill keep up the good work. You guys is what boxing needs.



Boxing fan from Cleveland